Mercedes Benz Headquarters

Mercedes Benz Corporate Headquarters

Location: Alpharetta, GA
Value: $250-500K

When you are the main sponsor of a new football stadium and your logo is front and center for all of Atlanta to see, I guess the logical next step is to build a new headquarters in the same location. At the Mercedes Benz new headquarters, our scope of work consisted of paneling at the monumental stairs in the atrium, the atrium surround that is 30’ wide and 40’ tall, office paneling and casework, dining areas, and paneling throughout the lobby.

Challenges and Solutions

Normally, installing paneling on stairs that are 30’ tall or surround paneling that is 30’ wide and 40’ tall starting 20’ off the ground is a challenge. However, the biggest problem we faced was a snowstorm at the end of the project, right when we received the bulk of the material! Atlanta was completely shut down, but our team made it to work that entire week and we were able to push the millwork to completion. The building was ready just in time for their grand opening concert where they brought in some of their rarest classic cars. It’s always fun to be the hero!