Dimensional Place

Location: Charlotte, NC
Value: $750,000

The owners of the building had a vision to have one of the marquee offices in downtown Charlotte and the slat panel millwork was going to be the central design. Our scope of work was with two separate millwork companies and consisted of the lobby radius stair and slat panels, slat panels at the 2nd-floor stairs, large forum millwork, and a few other locations.

Challenges and Solutions

The slat paneling at the 2nd-floor stairs were particularly challenging on this project because of the way it was manufactured. Each panel took 4 men and a chain hoist to move into place. To scribe the panels to the stairs, we had to remove all slats, cut the panels, cut the slats, then reassemble. Lining up the slats between the panels was no easy task either. This was one of the toughest stair panels installs we have done to date!