About Us

At Craftsmanship Installations, we are dedicated to fine craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

Craftsmanship Installations is owned and operated by Charlie Boatright and Brendan Kirwan. For over 20 years, we have provided dedication, experience, and personal attention to our clients. While most of our clients are repeat customers with long term relationships, we always enjoy the opportunity to find new partners in the industry. We are based out of Durham, NC, but travel across the country. Our team is just as passionate as we are at providing a high quality installation, expert management, and exceptional customer service. Our trusted subcontractor partners allow us to increase manpower on projects when necessary.


Jesus had a saying, that “no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit, for each tree is known by its fruit.” At Craftsmanship, we take this to heart and evaluate business success based on the “fruit” our company produces. This means that we strive to build long term relationships and repeat customers. We believe we should pay a fair wage to our workers, and allow them to reap the rewards of their hard work. We treat everyone with respect. We operate with excellence, and we follow through all the time.

Because of this, everyone at Craftsmanship takes pride in their work. Everything we do is done to the highest standard, fine tuning every detail from the office to the field.

Our project managers strive not only to provide a distinguished finished product, but also put the highest value on working with our clients to make the process to get there effortless. This means that we know how to stay on schedule, are flexible to meet your needs, can tackle any challenges that arise, and keep a good working relationship with the general contractor. We also provide daily reports to keep you informed on our progress.

craftsman noun I crafts·man I ˈkraf(t)s-mən

: a person who makes beautiful objects by hand
: a person who is very skilled at doing something


Charlie Boatright


Charlie has spent most of his life in the construction industry and first started working for his dad at Daniels Construction. He was introduced to commercial millwork when he started working at Craftsmanship Unlimited as a project manager. In 2011 he bought the company and changed its name to Craftsmanship Installations. Since then he has completed hundreds of jobs all over the US and internationally and seen the company grow all while keeping his commitment to a superior product and excellent customer service.

Brendan Kirwan


Before working at Craftsmanship, Brendan was a project manager at a top economic research firm where he managed the proposal, estimating, staffing, billing, and reporting of projects. When he joined the Craftsmanship team, the skills he learned were integral in helping the company grow and manage larger projects. As President, he makes sure the team is operating as a cohesive unit and has a passion for improving both our finished product and the process taken to get there. He is also extremely passionate about finding industry partners that share our companies values and allow us to work hand in hand in a challenging industry.

Brian Esporas

Project Manager

After years of working for Craftsmanship on and off, Brian left to run his own solid surface installation company. When Charlie purchased the company, one of his first goals was to convince Brian to join the Craftsmanship team. He quickly rose to one of the top installers and was managing some our largest projects as a field superintendent. As a project manager, Brian specializes in managing our out of town projects and overseeing all aspects of the field installation team. He is constantly striving to produce a better product for our clients.

Ray Collins

Project Manager

Ray has spent the majority of his career with Craftsmanship. He started as an installer, and because of his speed, quality, and installation knowledge later moved into a project management role. His experience in the field helps our projects overcome any obstacle and is extremely adept at helping everyone on the project come together as a team. When Ray is on the job, your project is guaranteed to progress smoothly and finish strong.