Bank of America HQ

Bank of America Coproate Headquarters

Location: Charlotte, NC
Value: $250-500K

This was the first of two 33 story buildings Bank of America was building in Charlotte. They would be the location of their corporate headquarters. We were responsible for the core and shell millwork install package which consisted of paneling around the entire first two floors of the lobby, paneling in 16 elevators, and restroom vanities and mirrors on floors 2 to 33.

Challenges and Solutions

The paneling in the lobby presented quite a few challenges, that by themselves would normally not be an issue, but coupled together made the project tough to pull off. To start, the paneling was two stories tall, up to 40’ in some areas. It was also on a radius and with reveal lines that carried throughout the entire building. If that wasn’t challenging enough, the schedule was very tight. The layout is key on a project like this, and if you try to rush through this step, it makes the rest job of the job more difficult and you end up with a poor finished product. Our team did an excellent job making sure the reveals tied into each section and the stone base reveals as the architect designed. To meet the schedule, we had 4 crews hanging panels in the lobby working 70 plus hour weeks with another crew on night shift hanging elevator cabinet panels. Our team was tired at the end, but the finished product looked spectacular.